Background to Screencasts in Media Studies:


The Screencasts in Media Studies project set out to evaluate an innovative method of teaching within the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester.

The project examined the use of screencasts to enhance the student learning experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Screencasts, which typically consist of a short powerpoint presentation accompanied by narration, were created for a number of modules, such as Activism and Protest in the Information Age (#actandprotest). This content was created to allow students, many of whom struggle with their English language skills, to revisit key points from lectures in preparation for their assessed work.

Previous research conducted by the PI found that screencasts had unanticipated educational value for international students. The study found that 79.6% of participants felt that the screencasts had helped them catch up on their dissertation lectures in a previous module and learn about key issues such as research ethics. Focus group results indicated that students had used this content not only to deepen their learning but also to improve their English language skills (Reilly, in press). This study sought to build on this work and provide further evidence of the role of screencasts in supporting the teaching and learning of media studies.

The project had the following intended outcomes:

1) Demonstrate the potential role of screencasts in addressing the learning needs of students in the Department of Media and Communication

2) Enhance existing provision of learning resources for media and communication undergraduate students

3) Empower students to take greater ownership of their learning and provide resources that aid their preparation for assessed work such as essays and examinations.

A sum of £1336.40 was awarded to the project from the University of Leicester’s Teaching Enhancement Fund in January 2013. The research for the project was carried out between July 2013 and July 2014.

Screencasts in Media Studies is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Media and Communication and the Institute of Learning Innovation.


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